Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Quick update on a very busy day.

And what a packed day it has been!!! Only had a couple of hours at home all day and boy does it feel like that!!!
Had the literacy seminar at school, learning about how you help equip your child to be a better reader etc, then left there about 10.30. From there Elizabeth, Lucy and I went to the fruit and veg shop, ate a banana (will be glad when they come down in price!!!) and some strawberrys in the car before going to Big W. Bought an $8 camera case for my digital camera and a $6 remote control holder. Also bought some books, 2 for Dave and one each for the rest of us, and some craft storage box thingees... Back to school to get Jessica and then finally landed back home for lunch, couple hours at home then back to school for Megan. Post Office to pick up a package from Mum and Dad, we missed the posty at some point today, and then finally home again to get ready to go out again!!! Dave was home bit before 4 so we snatched a moment to have a coffee (I had been hanging out all day for one!!).
Tonight we had the Literacy family/pizza night at school and the girls enjoyed that!! They each got to show us some games that we got to bring home, again things to equip them for better reading, and then we had some games and later pizza. Megan won a round of word bingo, she picked a magnetic game that has snakes and ladders/ chess/ checkers. Then we also had out name drawn out to win a prize and Jessica choose a sticker book, was the only prize left so thankfully we didn't have to wait while she decided what to choose!!
So that was the day *phew*!!
Tomorrow we are looking after Erica's 4 year old Ben. She has just started a couple of jobs and has a cleaning job tomorrow for 3 hours. Let's hope he enjoys his time here, Elizabeth is very excited about having him come visit!!! Told her it was the perfect day for us to look after him, was the only day that didn't have something on!!!!
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  1. Lorraine8:29 PM

    you certainly are living very busy lifes, glad to hear you all had a good time tonight


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