Tuesday, August 29, 2006

visitor, princess and another layout!

Another busy day in paradise!! Dropped Megan and Jessica off at school then went and attacked the grocery shopping. Home to unpack, tackle the washing and then after picking up Megan this afternoon we all went to the library to return the books and get some new ones.

Look who Megan brought home with her today!

All the kids in her class get a turn to bring Ellie home and write in his journal all his antics. We have just finished writing her pages up. I took some photos of Ellie doing different things, printed them up tiny, and then Megan wrote a little about each photo. So he drove our car, played on the slide, got stuck up a tree, brushed his teeth, went to the loo and had a bath, among other things!!! She loved it, especially when I said, for the photo of Ellie on her computer, that she could say he was emailling his girlfriend!!!
Last night I had an email from my sister with some photos of her lovely little Miss Makayla. She was too cute dressed up for a fancydress day at daycare. Have to share this photo!
I also finished this layout last night. Its of Elizabeth's toys. She doesn't have one that is favoured over another so the layout had to contain all her loved toys. They all live on her bed or rather they spend more time on the floor or UNDER her bed!! The layout was hard and doesn't feel complete but as long as its got the 'memory' there I'm happy :)

Not scrapping tonight cos I want an early-ish night!! Tomorrow is jam packed. Staying at school in the morning for a Literacy seminar run by the kindy teacher. Then from 4.30-6.30pm we will be back at school for a Litercay game/pizza night. Both Megan and Jessica are looking forward to the pizza!! Dave is also heading up to Launceston in the morning so its going to be a busy day all round!!

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