Monday, August 07, 2006

Thoughtful man and 4 sick kids

Megan stayed home today, Elizabeth was awake a lot thru the night and each time she got up so did Megan *sigh*, figured she might need a little rest :)
So today was an around home day, got to go out and play in the back yard for a bit this arvo as it was lovely and sunny.
Just after lunch the door bell rang and Dave was there with a bunch of tulips for moi :) Lovely man then went back to work.
So that's pretty much our day, the younger 3 had temps again so they are dosed up and thankfully all 4 are sleeping :) Yay that I still don't have it!!
Oh and we got Mum and Dad's package today, Mum and Dad you will be happy to know that the slimy mouse you sent for Elizabeth is in the bin already, she pulled it clean in half :) Megan and Jessica love their rings!!
Night :)
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  1. Grandma7:36 PM

    Hope you manage to keep the flu at bay, Love that man of yours and the flowers!!!

  2. dingly dolloper8:45 AM

    He is lovely isnt he!!

    The missus aint bad either!

  3. Hee hee forgot to comment and say yummmy flowers you lucky chicky......Well done Dave!!!!


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