Monday, August 14, 2006

Weekend, school free and interview

Can't believe the weekend, felt like it was over before it started!!! Saturday morning started with Megan, and the other girls following her cue, nagging for pancakes. So Dave, the Pancake KING, made us all a batch. Later he took Elizabeth off to get some milk, something for lunch and some grapes... back they came with milk, chicken for lunch, a couple of bananas (no grapes to be found anywhere in the shops, weird), a skirt that was on sale at Millers and a singlet top for Megan (Bonds for $2!!). Can you tell Dave loves to shop!!
The rest of the day I don't recall, brain is still full of unmentionable flu stuff, so if I missed anything important I am sure I will be reminded of it eventually.
Sunday arvo Karina and her boys came for lunch. Was lovely to see them and I hope they enjoyed it. Thanks for visiting and we hope to see your place soon too!!!
Today Megan had her student free day and I was lucky enough to get a hair dressing appointment for all 4 girls so we did that and the fruit shop before lunch. Dave rang as I was getting Lucy's lunch and he came home with lunch for the rest of us and we have enjoyed the arvo with him!! With regards to the haircuts, Megan wants to grow hers long again so she didn't have much off from the back and has been told she will need to brush it lots etc, Jessica has gone back to a bob (YAY) and I love it, Elizabeth has a shorter fringe so we can see the longer bits that haven't grown out yet and pull them back (much to her announance as she hates having her hair touched!!!) and Lucy's hair is as fine as mine so her fringe is a little thicker. Will have to add Elizabeth and Lucy's photos as Blogger isn't letting me :)
As the girls were in the bath Dave's mobile rang and he has his job interview Friday at 11.30. This one is for Sub-Stations Engineer and its work he has done before while on rotat
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  1. Love the girls new dos....hope you are feeling on top of things again soon......Hope Daves interview goes well!!!

  2. Grandma12:34 PM

    So pleased to know about the interview, will be thinking of you on Friday. What great looking girls you have I wonder who they take after!!!

  3. Anonymous2:44 PM

    not their grandmother...

  4. Gee Dave your rude!! Anyway its the brains they get from your side of the family :P The looks are from the milkman!!

  5. anonymous 29:43 PM

    thanks for those wonderful words from anonymous

  6. Anonymous8:05 AM

    its always a pleasure to speak the least as I see it....


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