Friday, August 11, 2006

It couldn't last

I am now sick with this flu thing too! Feeling yuck, yuck, yuck :(
Rolling back to yesterday... Allison came to visit with 4 kids that she had in care. Was a good day and having her there sure distracted me from feeling as ick as I do now!! Lucy has been very sooky so its been even more draining oh and Elizabeth has been waking a lot thru the night too so all in all we are a tired little household!
Today Jessica, Elizabeth, Lucy and I went to MOPS. Was nice to be out doing something, but when we got home Lucy was sooky again, didn't want her lunch, didn't want to go to sleep until she finally fell asleep on me after 4.
Hoping to get some rest over the weekend and Megan has a student free day on Monday so at least we won't have to run around for school.
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  1. Ohh you poor chickadee....hope you are feeling better soon and thanks again for yesterday

  2. Anonymous11:15 PM

    Oooh nooooOOOOooo not the dreaded flu. Yuck yuck yucky poo.

    I sure hope you feel better soon :O))


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