Friday, September 15, 2006

Another busy blog update

These clocks are sure to complain soon, but going back in time again...
Yesterday we did a spot of grocery shopping in the morning and in the arvo (after Lucy AND I had a nap) we went up to the park. Photos are of Jessica doing a spot of hill rolling, Daddy and his girls as we walked around the dam, Megan tired from the walk, Elizabeth at the top of the slide and Lucy at the bottom.
Last night I went to Scrapilicious, to my first ever scrap class. I learnt and made a tab style album. I have yet to finish it so you will just have to keep checking back for when I do! It was a great class and thanks to Mel for running it and to Mel and Sarah for making the classes possible!
Today we went out to Claremont to check out the scrap shop out there. HUGE! It has loads of sunny floor space but lacked in the up-to-date stock department, didn't stop me buying things though! While we were out I bought Megan and Jessica some Art Attack magazines. I left Dave and the girls at home, after lunch, and took Lucy to the Dr. She has had a fine rash all over her for a couple of days and just wanted it checked out. It turned out to be a viral infection so we just wait :) Anyways, came home to find the girls had been busy getting Dave busy, thanks to the inspiring Art Attack magazines. They had made a TV, pantry and a fridge and had great time using them!!
The rest of the day was busy and my baby girl no longer sleeps in a cot and my big baby girl doesn't sleep on the bottom bunk anymore :( Lucy settled right into her bed, yet to hear from her, whereas Megan has been out quite a few times and I can see that she might want to swap back in the morning!! Climbing in and out that many times might just be enough for her to see that the bottom bunk isn't such a bad place to sleep after all!!!
So thats me up to date again :) Hope the weekend is a lovely one for you all and thanks for visiting ;)
*Photos wouldn't load into blog so are seperately below*
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