Saturday, September 16, 2006

Sunny Saturday and a purple type of blog!

Yay to me ;) I finished this layout of Megan last night. I took the photos yesterday so am really pleased with myself for completing it all in the one day!!! As predicted she wasn't too keen on the whole top bunk bit and is still not 100% about it. But we will get there.

Today Megan went to a birthday party, but we got a phone call to come pick her up early, she had one of her bellyaches. Will be glad to get to the cause of those tummy aches! It was fancy dress party so Megan dressed in her clown costume, she had a funtime even with a sore belly.
The rest of our day has been full of cleaning around the house and Dave mowed the lawn. Got to love spring!! We have just had a lovely roast lamb meal and have apple pie for pudding!
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  1. Lorraine7:31 PM

    Glad to hear that Lucy has settled so well into the bed and if Megan does not stay in top bunk I will have to sleep on the floor next time I come to visit!!!
    You have all been very busy over the last couple of days, glad the weather has continued to be nice for the holidays.


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