Sunday, September 24, 2006

Be in it and win it!!

Come one, come all.... This week will mark my 1000th 'visit', since I put a counter on my blog (which was a couple of months into blogging). I think that is worth celebrating so.... The first 5 people to leave a comment on this post will have their name put into the hat and the winner will win an appropriate prize, ie: if Grandma wins it would be a chocolate type of prize, Dave would get a kiss, Allison would have to receive a scrap prize etc. So get commenting, hoping to see some comments from those lurking out there, and I know your there! :)
So whats been happening over the weekend???? Yesterday we went to get some milk etc, ended up with some more clothes bargains!! I found these WONDERFUL shoes and they were less than eight bucks!!! Who would have thought!! Love them and wore them today!! Big wedge heels, so thats a LOT different to my usual 'lower' shoes!! Oh and the bows ;)
Then in the afternoon I went to a "Stamping- Up" party. Stamping up have only been in Australia since April, so I am told, and so far only have 3 demonstraters in Tassie, so feel very fortunate to have a friend now demonstarting/selling. Had a fun time and can't wait for my new purchases to come, hopefully by the end of the week!!! I also have a catalogue now, if anyone would like a looksee and order something please let me know!!!
Last night Dave and I just veged in front of the telly, which reminds me to tell you we did watch Cinderella Man on Friday night. Great movie! We pulled the couch out in front of the telly and did the 'going to the movies' thing! Today we all watched The Polar Express. Another great movie! Have to remember to take the DVDs back tomorrow!! Most schools go back tomorrow but ours has a student free day so Megan and Jessica go back on Tuesday.
I started a layout of Megan last night too. Its almost finished, just have to add some journaling as I had to wait for the paint to dry in that spot. So hope to share that with you tomorrow night :) Till then, get typing those comments :) Look forward to giving someone a pressy!
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  1. Hey I am guessing that you didn't see much of the movie seeing that doing the movie thing means making out and missng most of the movie hee hee ;)
    glad you have had a good weekend.
    Night night

  2. Hmmmm.... I talk thru movies, I move around lots thru movies, I need to pee often... that's the reasons for not seeing much of the movie!!! That other stuff is for other things :) THANKS ALLISON!!lol

  3. me who knows7:54 AM

    Is there any chance I get to say what happened during the movie?

  4. Grandma9:13 PM

    Here I am number 5 to write a comment, so I look forward to the chocolate!!!!! especially as it is now Monday night and a whole day since you did this blog, I love each one you do, it is a special way to keep in touch with you all.Love You all

  5. me whos hoping7:59 AM

    why does grandma automatically think she has won the prize? Surely the organiser cant win it, so if I leave this comment I should still be allowed in the competition with a second entry.

  6. After borrowing a BIG hat to fit all of you in it... The winner is... hmmm you will all have to wait till you see me or check your mailbox... I am so chuffed to have reached 1000 that I will give you all a prize. So Dave *smooch*, Allison I will see you soon and Grandma, it will be posted soon. Enjoy all and thank you all for reading my blog, your encouraging words and for just being you cos thats a reason I blog :)


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