Monday, September 25, 2006

Busy last day of school holidays

Well.... Megan, Jessica and Elizabeth had picked up a colour in competition while we were shopping on Saturday so today we dropped them in, today was the closing day. From there we went out to Claremont to visit the scrap shop out there. The people who own it also run a photo shop inside and I was pleased to see that they had the facilities to process my films and put it onto CD too. When I went to the Kodak photo shop on Saturday they didn't have the machine to do it, and I was told I would have to go into town as everywhere else was just as incapable. So I rang the scrap shop and yipee I pick the photos and CD up tomorrow!! Glad I found out about the service they provide out there, is so much easier than trying to get a park in town and having to take the kids with me. YAY!
From there we came home for morning tea, then out to KMart to get some paper and ink for my printer and then we bought some pizzas and took them to have lunch with Dave.
The rest of the afternoon was home based :)
I finished this layout of Megan last night and hoping to complete another layout tonight, it's been bugging me so I need to scrap it :)
Tomorrow is going to be a busy start to the 3rd term. Have a literacy meeting at 9, after we drop Megan and Jessica off, and then pick up my photos before heading back to pick up Jessica... Straight back into it!! Hope your week has started out with a smile. Night!
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