Monday, September 18, 2006

Billie Better and a busy day

Apart from the rash Elizabeth is back to her usual jolly self, and keeping her food in!!! So today I ventured out with the girls to the library, Big W, Chickenfeed, Woolworths, the chemist and the video shop. Megan and Jessica were given, as were all the kids at school, a card, that they can use at Video Ezy, to get a free weekly movie. So we went and got one today, along with 7 other weekly dvds. So Dave and I have a few to watch, including Jackie Chan's Around the World in 80 days and the Cinderella Man, and the girls have a couple of good ones, Racing Stripes and The Polar Express. Looking forward to watching them.
Jessica finally has a computer in her room. So Megan and Jessica got to play on theirs this afternoon. They both love playing on their computers.
Dave made golden syrup dumplings for our pudding and I had made chicken rissoles for tea, so I am feeling very full STILL! Both were very yummo :)
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  1. mmmm my type of dessert....i request this next time I come for dinner.....hee heee........Glad E is feeling better....have been worried about my little E. Enjoy you movies!!!

  2. dollop of dumpling?7:54 AM

    Who said you could come for dinner?

  3. Now now Dave, you need to remember that I have friends too!!
    Allison just tell us when and I am sure he will be happy to make a super dooper batch!

  4. hey Dave....I dont need an invite I just invite myself!!!!! heee heeeee (Evil laugh)


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