Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bron, Baking and Breakages

Yet another busy day here!!! Only a week of school holidays left BOO HOO.
This morning we did some baking. Made some pumpkin muffins

and some choc chip cookies.
Megan dropped the glass jar, with the unused choc chips, and it smashed all over the floor. I was stuck in the corner of the kitchen in my bare feet. She had her shoes on so she had to run around and get the vacuum out for me and then find me some shoes! We then made some curried egg for our sandwiches, excuse the photo but I loved the swirls!! Dave came home for lunch so that was really nice!
This afternoon we had a phone call from Bron. She is back from Fiji and is on 2 weeks holiday in Queensland. She sounded very happy and I can't wait to catch up with all her news. Thanks for the call Bron!! Dad also rang tonight, is in Townsville for a couple of days before heading back down. So he is hoping to be home in a fortnight or so.
Finally I finished this layout of Lucy. I started it with plans for different photos but it just wasn't working so then I had a brainwave and used it with this photo and quite like it :) The journaling says "I thought you looked just like a Jelly Bean all rugged up in your hat and jacket". Hope you like it to, thanks for passing by and dropping in.
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  1. Love it, looks fantastic!!!! Ohhh yummy....I see you made me some choc chip cookies again.....how nice...so i have those and the dumplings to look forward to hee hee... ;)


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