Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Dancing day

Elizabeth, Lucy and I went to watch Megan at the Inter-school Primary Dance Event. Megan was part of the Prep-Grade2 event and there were probably 2000+ kids all dancing away. They were really well behaved and had a fun time. We got to watch all of their dancing, but we left before it had finished as the amount of cars and buses that were there was amazing!!! They had 2 streets blocked off for the buses and to get back onto the mainroad was mayhem! I don't have photos to share, I took my stills camera as it has a zoom and I knew I wouldn't be close enough for my digital. Will take some with that on Thursday when they dance at school.
Tomorrow is free dress day at school and Jessica is excited about wearing something different to school. Allison is also hoping to come visit us tomorrow too, looking forward to that :)
Can't think of much else, so will leave you with these 2 photos of Megan and Jessica playing Kids Pix, a computer graphics program for kids. Megan loves it and used it at our old school and it was on the last bookclub order form from school so we got it today. Another new toy :)
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  1. Anonymous7:51 AM

    damn kids taking over my computers...I might have to buy a new one soon...

  2. these photos remind me of 3 boys in grossed in Commordore 64 games


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