Monday, September 04, 2006

Daddy diva, lonely arvo tea and choc chip cookies

Dave and I were naughty last night and played singstar after the girls had gone to bed. Megan came out later and said we sounded good (to quote "that's the best singing I have eaver heard"!!!!), which was sad to hear cos we were shocking!!! By the time we went to bed they were all awake! SO I think we need a sound proof room for singstar as we weren't even singing loud!
Went to the afternoon tea, at school, this afternoon. Was the only parent there! So they had a big plate of biscuits and a cake, yep our girls ate one of each (slice of cake that is lol). So just talked to the acting principal for half hour. The arvo tea was just to touch base with parents anyway so it wasn't a total loss, just disappointing. The other half hour we spent in with Megan's class, so she enjoyed having us there and Jessica and Elizabeth enjoyed not having to wait in the corridor.
The rest of the day has been full of washing, making a batch of choc chip biscuits and entertaining 3 lively girlys.
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