Thursday, September 07, 2006

Dancing Queens

Megan and Jessica did a wonderful job with their dancing today. It is funny watching them both. They really get into it, know the songs, dance to the beat and have fun while some of the other kids just didn't want to be there dancing lol.
So here are 2 photos that I have cropped closer so you can see them. The first is with Megan, she is at the front in between to the girl in the light blue jumper and the boy in the dark blue jumper. The second you can see Jessica in the middle circle, next to her teacher in the red striped jumper, you might have to click on them to see them a bit better. *EDIT ok so you can't click on them,grrr. Hoping you get the gist from the tinsy photos :)*
Spoke to Mum and Dad today. Mum is still in Darwin, hoping to find some casual work till she leaves, and Dad called in at Burketown in Queensland on his way up to Cape York. Megan and Jessica got to talk to Dad too, which was great as they are missing them both heaps!
MOPS tomorrow, looking forward to it as usual!, then we are going to go have lunch with Dave at his work, looking forward to that too!! Saturday there is a Model Train Show happening at the showgrounds so we will be heading there Saturday morning and then that arvo/night I'm going to a pizza scrap night at Scrapilicious. Busy Busy :)
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  1. Allison....cant remmeber my log in details....winchester7:10 PM

    Sounds like you guys have had a great day that is won't let me click on them for some reason.... I will try again later.


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