Friday, September 29, 2006

Phew and what a Friday it has been :)

Dave got home around 9 last night, so after eating tea and watching a little Law and Order on Austar, we finally went to bed around 10.30.
This morning we went to visit Allison. When we were getting out of the car I noticed some gunk in Lucy's right eye. We now have a Drs appointment tomorrow, in case it is conjunctivitis (sp?!), but am glad we made the appointment cos just before tea she had a temp but her eye seems to have cleared up some.
We got home about 12.30 from Allison's, we left earlier than planned cos of the eye, and got busy with the washing etc that was left waiting for us :)
Dave came home early, around 2.30, so we all went to pick Megan up, via the post office to get my package from Tarisota. Love the pack and am thankful to have it :) Amanda also called in this arvo with my ink pad, purchased from Stampin' up demonstration, and the stamps I bought should be here late next week or the one after.
Have just been through all my photos and now have a CD to take and get photos developed and am printing some off now. Getting ready for retreat and scrapping tomorrow night at Josianes.
Getting my haircut tomorrow morning and splashing out and getting an eyebrow shape and lash tint!! So when I blog again I will be less hairy and you will be able to see my lashes when I flutter them HA! Enjoy your weekend, Dave and I are about to go to the movies, ie: pull the couch in front of the telly to watch a video! He bought me home some cheeses from the Lactos factory in Burnie, that's where they went for morning tea yesterday.
Night :)
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