Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sleep, scrapping, sunshine, snot and stink!

The virus that the girls have is still lingering! Lucy, Elizabeth and Jessica have yucky coughs and Lucy is now on antiboitics to kick the cold and conjunctivitis. I made a 2 cloves of garlic salad dressing tonight, for tea, and it was GOOD!! I am still tasting the garlic! Hoping it helps in getting rid of these icks! Also got some more multi-vits for us all!
Well rolling back to yesterday... went and had my haircut etc then had some of my photos printed up before coming back home. Dave jumped in the car to head off to the Drs with Lucy and Megan (she had a gunky eye too so I wanted it check out, it has since cleared up but we have some drops just in case). He got home and we all had lunch. I then packed up the car and headed down to Josianes for a scrap night. I was tired and home again before 9.30pm :) completed 2 VERY BASIC layouts though (see below) of Megan's much loved Ralph and Jessica's Freddy. Just didn't have the energy to do much more, sadly! Mel was meant to go too but she has a virus, which I think is like what Lucy and Elizabeth had/have as she came up with, what sounds like, the same rash that Elizabeth and Lucy had. So hoping she gets better soon too!!!! It was a nice night scrapping and spending time with Allison and Joisane. Thanks guys :)

I was told to have a sleep today, I did as I was told, and I slept for over an hour and could have slept for a LOT longer!!! Thanks Dave ;) We have spent part of the day outside, was a lovely day, and Dave fired up the barbie and cooked our chicken kababs for tea, yum! Daylight savings started 2am today so it's nice to have used the extra daylight and beautiful sunshine.
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