Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Boy its been windy today!!!

And hot! Tomorrow is meant to be hotter with more wind. We get to have Ben come visit for the day so it will be fun entertaining them inside out of the heat and wind!
Thanks to everyone who has been visiting my lil' ol' blog and it is special that you have left comments, waving to Mae, from retreat, who snuck in here last night :)

Amanda dropped in this afternoon, was great to be able to catch up with her, she had the stamps I had bought from Stampin' Up! LOVE THEM!! Can't wait to use them on something, anything... look out Dave!!
Dave had a costume fitting today for an end of year production they are putting on at work. Its for the kids at Christmas time. The play is Aladdin and Dave plays the part of Wishy Washy who is Aladdin's brother. Will be interesting to see the results ;)
Megan and Jessica are going to the show in a couple of weeks time. So figured that while they were there the rest of us would go to! The school pays for them so we will only have to pay for Dave and I and Elizabeth and Lucy. Dave has taken the day off as flex and I'm excited :) Also on the excitement front, Dave has been asked to go to Melbourne for a course. Its for 2 days 30 Nov-1 Dec, and if things work out we are hoping that Mum might be back and able to look after the girls so I could go to and we would stay over the weekend too... Will see how that works out but it is very exciting, especially as that is just before our wedding anniversary and ohhhhh the Chirstmas shopping that could get done.....
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