Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Totally Tuesday

and I spose that a totally tuesday follows a manic monday but thats how it is!!
So backing up to yesterday, we did the grocery shopping, popped into Scrapilicious to say thanks to Mel and Sarah, washing x4, school and then back to school, after I had scoffed my tea, for a meeting. So on to today...
Dropped Megan and Jessica off at school then came home to put the washing on the line (YAY). Filled the rest of the day with lots of cuddles before Megan had a friend home after school. Not much else to share, other than Allison has some photos from the retreat on her blog so why not head on over there to check us loonys out!! Oh and Julie has one of all the gals at the retreat :)
And I just opened an email from Sarah, via Allison, and found this photo, OH SO SAD!! Its Josiane, Allison and I looking our best!
Hope you still have a full bladder after viewing!!
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  1. Anonymous8:12 PM

    all i can say is "OOOOOh My good golly gosh blah........

    don't we just look beautiful.....

  2. Lorraine8:14 PM

    2 lovely photos of some beautiful looking girls

  3. Hee hee i noticed Grandma didn't think we were looking so lovely hee hee....Great blog entry and love the photos of you and the girls.

  4. Grandma, and all the nice people of the world, were taught "if you cant say something nice...dont say anything at all...".
    Im not saying anything else...

  5. Grandma8:21 PM

    oops sorry! lovely photos of all the lovely looking ladies


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