Thursday, October 26, 2006

a busy day of nothing...

That is how it has felt :) We have done lots of little things, on this sunshiny day off. Dave cleaned the highchair, put a hole in the garage door for a new door handle and made dumplings for pudding. We all went to buy some odds and ends and went to the hardware shop and Dave got a new elctric drill and hammer. We weeded the dandilions from the front and Dave swept the leaves up from the driveway. I planted some seeds, pottered about the garden, helped Dave here and there and cooked spag bog for tea that turned into lasagne (I can do magic lol). But I think the highlight for Megan, Jessica and Elizabeth was having their finger/toenails painted! Doesn't happen often and when it does its holidays or the like. So will leave you with photos of their painted nails :) Off to visit Allison and her daycare kids in the morning while poor Dave heads back to work for one day! Roll on the weekend ;) Oh and Dave's team lost Futsal lastnight, 8-0!!!!!!!!!!!

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