Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Our day at the show

Dropped Megan and Jessica off at school and then came home for a coffee before the rest of us piled into the van and headed down the road to the show. Met up with Jessica's class and walked around with them till 12.15 (kinder's end of school time) and then had lunch and found Megan's class. We stayed at the show till a little after 3.30.
They all enjoyed seeing everything, having their face painted, getting lots of stickers, making a CD-ROM of themselves singing the Wiggles song 'Big red car' (can't believe the ABC did all that for free, WOW!!), patting the animals and having the mandatory doughnut with Daddy!
Lucy chucked a tantrum early on, while out of the pram, and threw herself into the mud frontside down, so it was nice that she got that out of the way first thing ;) Her attitude changed once she had eaten something, as it does!
The weather was just perfect for the show. Started out chilly and there were showers on and off all day but we didn't get wet and it wasn't too hot for all the wandering around we did.
Didn't take my camera with me but took some photos when we got home. They each had a showbag, Freddo, and Lucy got an Elmo toy instead of a showbag. Leave you with photos of them all enjoying their purchases and also a layout I finished lastnight of Lucy. Enjoy :)

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  1. Looks like the girls had a great time. Glad you all enjoyed yourselves


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