Thursday, October 19, 2006

Darn it I am sick!

Head that feels like its full of helium, a nose that is REALLY full of snot, a throat that is tired of sneezing and the rest of me has gone out in sympathy! But what can ya do, solider on :) So today we dropped Megan and Jessica off, listened to one of the kids do their home reading, came home, watched the second part of the wiggle movie on telly (was quite good!), dealt with the washing, played, picked up Jessica, lunch, Lucy slept, Jessica and Elizabeth picked up the apricots that had been blown off onto the ground, played, got Megan, went to the park, home, cooked tea, ate tea (Yum roast lamb, new potatoes and vegies), did the bath thing, did the get in jammys thing, did the reading thing, said nite nite, and here I am :)
Dave didn't go to Futsal lastnight so we just had a night in front of the telly and in bed before 10. I was awake alot, as was Lucy who I went into a few times, so all of that just doesn't help my ickyness. Roll on Friday :) Will leave you with the conversation that I had with Jessica about going to MOPS tomorrow, hope you find it as amusing as I did :)
J: Are we going to MOPS after this day?
Me: tomorrow
J: after this day?
Me: tomorrow
J: Is tomorrow after this day???
Me: Today... Tomorrow...
J: Is that after this day?
Me: Its tomorrow.
J: So we are going to MOPS after this day then.
Me: Yes, tomorrow...
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  1. Anonymous1:03 PM

    hi! Friday here!!!!
    Put Niall's ute in for srvice, Walked home one hour, having taken the wrong turning. We won't mention that to Fiona as she said I would get lost if I went that way.. I suffer from norty chjiold syndrome...Any way can you send re mob the dates you were having away as I have lock in safe in mob and can't retrieve them as I don't no code to get in Love Mum. PS Loretta would like me to have a week or two her way..HA! XXXXXX to the girls....


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