Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Puffy chest and snotty nose

I am feeling pretty pleased with myself... I completed not 1, not 2 BUT 3 layouts lastnight in just 2 hours!!! A huge accomplishment for me! So here they are:

Dave got home after 10pm and was very glad to be home again, but didn't like the fact he had to get up this morning to go to work :)
The rest of my day has been based around home, Dave even picked Megan up from school this arvo which was super nice and got to talk on the phone with Allison and later Bron, who finally has a SIM card for her mobile, so that was doubly nice :) It's been really windy all day but we got outside for a little while and enjoyed the sun.
As of late this afternoon, I have the starts of a cold. I knew I couldn't escape it after Lucy had sneezed on me not once but twice yesterday! :( So feeling snotty and glum :) Blerk :)
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  1. Love the piccys but absolutly adore the layout of is just divine

  2. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Jeepers creepers - 3 layouts! You are on fire!
    Gorgeous stuff girly,

  3. Hmmm, and here I was thinking that your puffy chest was a surpise waiting for me when I got home...oh well.

    At least the layouts didnt disappoint...

  4. WOWEEEEEEEEEEE three layouts in one night...and three stunners at that!! well done Sharmaine!! gorgeous work as usual :0)


  5. Lorraine10:33 AM

    love all the layouts and the people in them! You have done very very well, keep up the good work

  6. Anonymous5:46 PM

    what a clever chikky.....i'm jealous....i can never seem to get my act together, you know how proud i was to complete one LO over the retreat weekend....hehehe

    hope you don't get too sick..



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