Sunday, October 22, 2006

Oh is it Sunday already??!!!

Where oh where did the weekend go??!! I WANT IT BACK WAAAAA :)
It sure has felt like it was over before it started! Lets see whats been happening...
Friday night Dave and I watched a movie, As good as it gets. Thought it was shorter than what it was, so it turned out to be a later night than hoped, but what can you do about that now!!!
Saturday morning started with Lucy whinging and that continued all day. Not sure what her problem is, I have a cold and am tired too but I don't whine all day long! lol The day also started with yummy pancakes for brekky, thanks Davie Babes. We then went to Big W to find baby shower present and some more pages for my scrap albums, they seem to fill up fast! I also bought some cold and flu tablets and having been taking them and feeling a lot better. Home for lunch and then I jumped in the car to drive up to Dysart. Was a lovely afternoon and great to catch up with friends that I hadn't seen FOREVER!!!
Came home as the girls were having tea and I went and bought Dave and I some after the girls had gone to bed. I wanted to get something from a new place that has opened, they make asian food, but TYPICALLY they were shut, for whatever reason, so we had Indian instead. Hoping to try the new shop one day!!
This afternoon we had lunch with Dad. The girls enjoyed being there again and loved his lolly stash!!! On our way home from Dad's we went to a liquidation sale and bought some new sheets/doona covers. We have wanted a new one for us for a while so its nice to have picked one up cheaply. Also got some single bed ones for the girls. Back home and we stripped the beds, washed the sheets and Dave cooked a bread and butter pudding that wasn't cooked in time for the girls to have some for pudding (hopefully he might leave them some to sample tomorrow!!).
The week coming up is a sort school week, with Thursday show day and Friday a student free day, but it is another busy one. Tuesday Megan is showing a book she made in Assembly so we will stay for that, Wednesday is our day at the show and Friday, if Dave doesn't have the day off, we will head down and visit Allison. If he has the day off I'm not quite sure what we will do but no doubt the day off will be used ;) Sweet dreams all!
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