Monday, October 23, 2006

Ahhh I can sit down now!

What a super busy day, feels like now is the first chance I have had to stop, just as well I can!
We did the grocery shopping this morning, too much washing (but it is all dry and away YAY), got to play outside as well as general cleaning and running about :)
I got to ring Allison, wishing her a happy day and hope it was.
I got to ring Mel at Scrapilicious twice, I forgot one of the things that I rang about the first time! Thanks for your patience Mel!!
I got to ring Dave twice too, just to say love ya, cos I do!!
I got to take come photos of Jessica, Elizabeth and Lucy playing outside. So I reckon thats a good day, even though it was super busy!

Dave had his first after-work practice for his work play this afternoon, so tea was a little later tonight.
Started and finished this layout of Megan near the Richmond bridge. It talks about how the photo isn't quite what we expected but I still love it! Dave set up the new trestel table for me and he sat next to me watching the telly while I scrapped, was weird having him just sitting, but if he ain't gunna scrap he will have to twiddle his thumbs ;)

Ok I'm away now to pay the phone bill that came today :( NIGHT
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1 comment:

  1. Blogger editor XXX7:56 AM

    First of all, it was the Ross Bridge...

    trestle is spelt just like that and...

    I didnt do nothing!!! i did something...heck its taken me 15 years but I put my photos in an there!!!

    I will excuse you though, cos its such a super super busy day!



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