Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Another inside day

it has been cold and wet and getting colder by the minute. Snow is meant to fall on the mountain tonight so I suppose that it's meant to get cold ;)
Dave and Megan are at rehearsal for his work play so Im waiting to cook our tea, while Elizabeth, Lucy and Jessica are already snuggled up in bed.
Mum is coming tomorrow to look after Elizabeth and Lucy while I take Megan to the Paediatrician. Its the appointment we were referred to because of Megan's belly aches. She hasn't had a bad one in a while so I am hoping it is anxiety or something similar so we're aware of it and if not, well we will see :) Dave is picking Jessica up from Kinder and dropping her off home for Mum to look after too. Appointment is at 12 and no doubt we will have a long wait before seeing the Dr. I gave Megan the option of staying home or going to school for a little bit and she wanted to do that so I will pick her up after Mum arrives.
Tired today, Dave and I were up till about midnight nattering. Paying the price today! But it is always the way, its nice to be able to have the time to yak :)
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1 comment:

  1. Lorraine8:47 PM

    thinking of Megan tomorrow as she goes to the doctor, hope there is nothing to worry about, but will be nice to have some answers.


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