Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I have a headache!

Yesterday Lucy banged her head onto my nose, right between the eyes! It didn't make me see stars but boy did it made my eyes water, and it still hurts alot today. Anyways I have a headache and am happy to complain about it here :)
Well my day... picked Megan up from school around 11am and brought her home to get changed out of her school clothes. Her appointment was at 12 so we left here before 11.30. All the carparks were full, probably due to the lovely cold weather we had today and that causing extra cars in town. So we waited to get into a carpark... wait wait wait... a car comes out... a car goes in and we slowly inch our way into the carpark. Finally it is our turn and we get a park just up the first ramp. We jump out and make a made 'quick walk', 10 minutes to get to the hospital that is about 5 blocks away... we make it in time only to sit and wait an hour and a half :)
Megan did a good job of sitting and waiting. We played a drawing game on some paper and that seemed to do the trick. Anyway the long and the short of seeing the Dr is Megan had to have a wee sample, blood sample and be booked in for an ultrasound. She got upset at the thought of the blood sample so they put some cream on her 'elbow pits' (which is what we call them) and we had to wait another half an hour so that would numb the area. We went and got some lunch then. 2.10 we went back up to get her blood taken. The lady called in another lady, just in case Megan kicked out as she did previously with our GP who took some blood. She didn't and it all went well. Now for the wee sample!!! Catching wee is a very hard task and I am sure it wasn't written anywhere in the Mother manual, mind you it might have been in the tiny fine print I missed!!! Anyway between Megan and I, Megan is a small pee-er, we caught about 1cm of wee! Yay us!! The ultrasound will be sometime in the future as they have a waiting list of 2months. After we get all the results back we might be closer to knowing if there is anything going on or not. The Dr said that it is quite common for kids to have a 'gurgly' belly and just grow out of it. So we wait :)
From there we went and bought Megan a Bravery present. She choose this:

Her name is Cha-Cha :)
We were home again about 3.30, thanks Mum for looking after the girls and Dave for picking up Jessica.
Tomorrow night Dave and Megan have rehearsal again and she has talked about it ALL day!! I think she is enjoying it, and just quietly I think Dave is enjoying that she is liking it too!
Right am off to watch McLeods Daughters, Night :)
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  1. Tell MEgan I think Cha-Cha is very cute.....Hope the headache goes away soon.....


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