Friday, November 17, 2006

Bottom boogie...

It has stuck in my head thanks to 4, yes four, little girls!!!
And here is why...
Sarah from Scrapilicious emailed Allison, who kindly passed on the message, that my buttons had arrived (need them to complete the layout from retreat, Julie Love's class). Yay! Dave rang to say he would be home early and would pick up Megan, YAY. So after they had got home we had a coffee, I had it waiting, YAY. We all hopped in the car and went into Scrapilicious, poor Sarah lol.
Got my buttons, some paint and paper (shh don't tell Allison, darn thats right Allison can read... SORRY ALLISON, but I know you ARE doing a good job of not buying anything). We jumped back in the van and came home. And the reason I have the lovely Hooley Dooley song stuck in my head.... ALL THE WAY HOME THEY SANG THEIR VERSION(S) OF IT!!! It went something like B.I.T B.I.T Bottom.... B.I.T B.I.T Bottom.... Even Lucy was doing her own rendition of it!! From there it went down hill... giggling fits galore... Jessica doing a boobie version... oh dear are these really my kids??!!! More Dave than mine, SURELY!! But then I remember sitting in the car with my sister and brothers singing Slip, Slop, Slap and changing the S for every letter of the alphabet and laughing our heads off at that... somethings never change whatever the generation!!!!
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