Thursday, November 16, 2006

More bumps and bruises

Well this week, as well as my bump to the nose, Megan had 2 days of falling out of tree she was climbing, both times she had big cuts up her legs and tore her school dress, and then today Jessica was at school for 45 minutes before i got a phonecall to day she had fallen of a little trampoline and bumped her head and cut her knee. We had just finished at the supermarket, needed milk, and were driving out when my mobile rang. We picked her up and she now has a lovely bump on her forehead and a beautiful bruise and graze on her knee. What fun :)
Not much else, the day has dragged but its almost done now. Dave and Megan are out practicing so I still have our tea to cook once they get home.
MOPS tomorrow and I can't remember what we are doing so it will all be a surprise ;)
Nighty night.
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  1. Just leaving a comment cos i like commenting on you...


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