Monday, November 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Opa

Is Dave's Dad's birthday today and the girls had a lovely time chatting with him on the phone. Elizabeth was a giggle gert, laughing at herself saying happy birthday, and that was enough to get everyone else laughing!

Went and filled up with petrol this morning, got $50 thru EFTPOS, went to the fruit and veg shop and spent $45 of it!! By crickey it doesn't go far does it!!

The rest of my day has been filled up with filling up the kidlets day. Playing picture dominos with Jessica and Elizabeth, reading books, playing the tickle monster etc etc etc!! Fun Fun Fun ;)

Megan is off to rehearsal with Dave again tomorrow, which reminds me that Dave forgot his script today, he was rehearsing at lunchtime, so he popped home and had a coffee with me at 11am. Thanks Dave, appreciated it ;) Today was also Dave's first day in his new job. So Congratulations Mr Engineer!

Leave you with a photo of me, taken yesterday in hope I can update my blog photo, and a photo of Megan x2! They painted self portraits near the end of term 2 and had to write a little about themselves. Megan brought hers home today and it is now hanging on her bedroom door.
Dave has ground some coffee beans and I can smell it brewing, yum thanks Dave! Enjoy your evening one and all :)

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  1. Love the photo of you looks fantastic. Although Megan doesnt look so happy in hers. hope the rest of your week is fantastic.

  2. You're a very pretty lady!!! Pity your hand is in the way...


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