Thursday, November 02, 2006

I have a clean scrap storage space!

Yesterday I spent time, between everything elsecleaning up my little nook. It was move something, come back ot it later etc etc, but I now have a better organised and cleaner scrap storage space! Got to be happy with that!

Hoping it will allow me to use things more often, rather than being unenthused about trying to find or unpack things. So now things are a little more accessible and easier to find. Love the bottles that store my buttons and the metal stand (that was my sisters pot plant holder) that now stores paints, stamps and punches. Love that my magazines are now easier to get at when I need them, the little coloured pegs I found in Big W are great for hanging my foam stamps and that my odds and ends have baskets I can get at to!! Noice!

Dave had Futsal last night and they drew 2-2.
Today has been filled with getting Elizabeth to giggle (too easy!), cleaning up spills as Lucy walked around with her drink, Jessica being excited about a birthday invite and watching Megan chat to a friend, from her old school, on the telephone.

Dave came home for lunch. So it was nice to spend some more time with him :)

Tomorrow we are off to MOPS for a movie morning, missed last years so looking forward to it.

Hope it is a happy Friday for all :)
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  1. Well done....Good to see someone cleaning their scrap space.....Hope it stays like that for a long time.
    Enjoy MOPS tomorrow

  2. Anonymous9:28 PM

    very NOICE indeed....need to clean up my own space......hmmmm maybe later



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