Saturday, November 04, 2006

News, layout and a special moment :)

Well, which will I start with...
The news. Dave had applied for a job, his position at work is still in transition and he hadn't got the job he applied for there, someone with more years experience was given the job. Anyway, Dave had a phone interview 10 days ago and then once they followed up his referree, he was given a glowing report, they asked Dave to come and have a face to face interview. The job was in Adelaide and they wanted to fly him AND I there for the interview and put us up for the weekend. Anyway, this happened and then work decided that they WOULD offer him the position, as the other chap had turned them down, so long and the short, after much deliberation, Dave has decied to take the job here and we stay put. So there is the news :)
Love to share with you what happened yesterday, Special moment! We were at MOPS, watching Daddy Day Care, for the movie morning, when in walks Dave. I went over, greeted with a kiss and then followed him out. He went back to his car just saying he was on his way back to work. Didn't think anything else of it, till we got in the car to leave. On the front passanger seat was:

Ain't he nice :) we have tried both of the coffees already and I loooove the French breakfast one, yum.
Lastnight I went to Allison's place to scrap. Lovely time, as usual, and I completed this layout.

I think I love paints! Would love to use them more! Would have used my fingers last night but was being ladylike, being in someone elses home and all that lol, so used my foam brush instead! Love Allison's paint stash! Soooo many colours and shades to choose from, thanks again Allison.

Today we went to get Dad a birthday pressy, hope he likes our choice. Also got a pair of Little Miss Naughty PJs that were in the 20% off sale, a magnetic board for the wall near my scrap spot and Makayla's Christmas present. So yay to our shopping trip!
Came home for lunch and then I took Megan and Jessica to the supermarket to get some speical things for a 'CONGRATULATIONS DADDY' tea. We bought some sparkling apple and grape juice. The girls loved them!!
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  1. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Loved all your news even though I knew it all but the sparkling juice...hee hee hope dinner was nice and that Dave enjoyed it...and even though you know I am just so happy you are staying.....I would just miss my 4 precious girls too much...ohh and you and Dave of course ;)

  2. Anonymous9:14 PM

    if i can't leave then you and your dave can't so there....and we are staying put too....woohoo......

    stay tuned for more later......

    what a lovely chappy you have... it's so nice when they always treat you like a queen just as you deserve of course....



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