Friday, November 10, 2006

Just a little of my day...

Had a really early night last night, in bed not long after 8.30, and boy did I need it!! Feeling heaps more awake today lol

After dropping Megan off at school, this morning, we went and did the grocery shopping. BLERK!

This afternoon, while Jessica and Elizabeth watched some telly, I covered this tin for my ink pads. I really like it!

Dave picked Megan up from school, which was nice, so he was home not long after 3. Quite like that ;)

Hoping to go to Questacon tomorrow, Megan and Jessica got to see part of it at school and have a free pass.
Hope it is a lovely weekend for you all, they are forcasting snow here again next week!!
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  1. Love the tin it looks clever girl you......glad your day has been ok. Hope your weekend is even better.

  2. Oh that is really cool!! You clever chicken, so much prettier than my dodgy VCR box that holds my ink pads, lol

  3. Julie LOVE2:31 PM

    WOW Sharmaine your ink tin looks DIVINE!!! what a great idea :0)



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