Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Late night BUT I am off to Melbourne!!!!

Was up till after 11 last night finalising flights and accommodation. The computer froze 3 times so it took soooo much long than it should have! Dave is going to a conference at the end of the month so we decided I would go over too and we would stay the weekend as well. So I am all booked and our accommodation is booked for the last 2 nights, work will cover the other 2 nights, and Dave is still waiting confirmation thru work that he has the same flight and that the accommodation is booked for the first 2 nights. SO YAY!! We are going away!! Feeling a little stressed about leaving the girls so not dwelling on that cos Mum and Dad can cope!!
Well Dave is at rehearsal for his work play and has taken Megan and Jessica with him. So I have Elizabeth and Lucy in bed as last night was a late on for them. We went to Mum and Dad's for his birthday and it was after 8 before we had got home, bathed and put them all to bed. I could hear Elizabeth and Lucy talking just a while ago but I think its all gone quiet now. Dave is meant to be home, with the other 2 girls, after 6.30 so I have tea waiting to heat up in the oven before they get home.
Looking after Ben again tomorrow so Elizabeth is excited about having him come over.
Talk to you all tomorrow :)
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  1. Allison6:21 PM

    doing the happy dance for you.....can you see me dancing around like a spastic??? should see me.....

  2. Grandma10:54 AM

    Hooray I am looking forward to seeing both in Melbourne!!!!


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