Monday, November 06, 2006

Busy-ness, a layout and some haircuts

It has been a busy day today. We walked to school, the first time since moving here, and it took us 35 minutes to get there. The last part, up the hill, was the hardest, of course, but I was pushing the stroller with Lucy and dragging Elizabeth up as well, but we made it!! WE came home via the playground and even saw Dave on his way to another part of work. He stopped and said hello, which the girls loved.

At home we cleaned up the sun room, all the toys are away again and vacuumed it too. 2 loads of washing all washed, dried on the line and folded again. Cleaned up around the kitchen too. Today it was meant to be 12 degrees and rainy but it has been mostly sunny and up till 2.30-3 it was quite nice. It got to 15 but the sun was glorious! It is now cold and rainy off and on.
From school we went to get the girl's hair cut. So here are the results:

Lucy has a big girl haircut and is looking like a 'rounded' cheek little girl and definitely not my baby anymore. boo hoo

Last night I scrapped this layout of Megan.

Dad's birthday tomorrow and Mum arrives home in the morning from Darwin, although the girls don't know that part. So we are going to Dad's for his birthday tea and the girls will be in for a surprise to see Mashir!!
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  1. now, what else can I leave out for you to clean?

  2. Make it obvious then ;)


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