Monday, November 20, 2006

YAY POST #300!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just thought I would start with a huge thanks to those that come visit my humble little blog. This is my 300th post, yay me! So if you would like to be part of the celebrations add a comment and I will select a random winner to win a special something :)
Today Allison came to visit with her 6 day care kids. We enjoyed their company and the girls loved it so much they told Daddy all about the visit.
Not much else to the day other than took the library books back and got some new ones, which Elizabeth finds very exciting but when we get there she has no part in the selection process as she is too busy playing in the toy house they have in the kiddy area.
In the mail today we had a letter with Megan's Ultrasound and another letter with the followup Dr appointments. We have got in for the beginning on December for her Ultrasound and the Dr's just after that. So we should have some answers before Christmas.
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  1. Happy 300th Sharmaine!!

  2. Happy 300th Sharmaine! Loved your layouts on the Scrapilicious blog! Drop in here and Alison's blog sometimes to see how you are all going.

  3. Yay Sharmaine, 300 posts! You do so well to keep up with it all with such a busy family, as you can see, I gave up LONG ago!! xoxo

  4. JULIE LOVE8:13 AM

    YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY for you Sharmaine!!! well done on getting to 300 posts......blogging it VERY addictive hey


  5. this is just a comment so i get lucky...i mean get something special


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