Tuesday, December 12, 2006

13 Sleeps to go

although Coles were scaring people today, their sign said 12!!!
Yep, did some grocery shopping today,ick, and then went back later and bought a new animated santa toy from Target. Dave heard it in one of his phone calls today and has called me naughty so Santa might not bring me anything but I got me a new toy so I'm already ahead ;)
Jessica loved her full day at school and isn't showing signs of going to sleep in a hurry so it can't have worn her out to much! The weekend will show otherwise though! Friday the whole school are going to the beach for their school picnic. So the Kinder kids get an extra day of school as well as this full day. I think I will take Megan and Jessica home sometime after lunch though, its the same day as Dave's work performance so I'm hoping they might have a sleep before we head out again. Dave has to be there by lunchtime and Megan sometime in the arvo. I'm only taking Jessica to see it so Elizabeth and Lucy are having a holiday at Mum and Dad's. The play starts at 7.30 so it will be a long day to end a long week.
Took a closer photo of our Angel. Would you believe that she is the only Barbie still intact with all her limbs??!! I made her to top the first Christmas tree after having Megan, so she must be 7 years old now. Her dress is a scrap off an old towel, was the only white material I could find at the time. The things you do when you have no money!!! I think she has done a wonderful job and still looks beautiful!!
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