Monday, December 11, 2006

14 Sleeps to go

and the tree is a looking PRETTY GOOD!! The girls had fun decorating it this morning and here it is in all it's glory:

This morning Dave stayed home while I took Megan in for her Ultrasound. Not sure of the results but the Drs were pleased with what they looked at. From the hospital we went to get some breakfast, I had fasted with her so both our bellies were rumbling. Then we went to Scrapilicious. The shop is closing down next week and they have had a sale of all their stock. So today was the start of 40% off and I got some things and was very happy to hear the total ;) I am thankful to Sarah and Mel for their hard work and all that they have done at the shop and I will miss going in and browsing through their lovely stock. Now to find scrapping stuff online, ick! I love to see the products and to have a touchy feely before I buy.
Tomorrow Jessica is going to school for the whole day, in preparation for next year. As I put her to bed I asked her what I would do all day as I hadn't had 2 girls in school all day before. She said she wouldn't be there long and not to forget to pick her up. I don't think that will happen in a hurry ;)
Megan and Dave are at rehearsal again tonight. This week they have them everynight but not sure how often Megan will go. Dave is in Launceston tomorrow and coming back in time for rehearsal before going back up North on Wednesday and back again for rehearsal. Their production is on Friday night so I am sure the excitement is building for all of those involved.
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  1. Grandma8:13 PM

    Loving all the photos of the girls and David getting ready for Christmas SOON BE CHRISTMAS HOORAY!!!!!!

  2. Julie LOVE10:28 AM

    LOVE your tree Sharmaine!!! especially the angel on top :0)



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