Monday, December 25, 2006

365 Sleeps to go

HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! I hope you have all had a lovely day full of fantastic things!!!
I will share a few photos with you that tell you about our day, but first to some of our family traditions. Christmas Eve we drive around and deliver Christmas presents to friends. We do the Secret Santa thing and drop the present off, knock on the door and run like crazy people back to the car hoping that we won't be caught. The girls have turns too, although last night was rainy so it was a matter of who went when. After that we look at Christmas lights before heading home. So last night we had fun running around, in the rain, delivering pressys and looking at lights. The girls were in bed around 9.30-10pm and then I made a chocolate ripple cake for today and got some things ready.
So to today... I awoke around 6am to go to the loo, Megan was already awake, so she got up and woke the others. We had shut the loungeroom doors so they had to wait for everyone before we went in to see what Father Christmas had left in their sacks.

Patiently waiting, Excitement growing!

Excitement released!

Pirate Jessica

Pirate Megan

Lucy's new T-shirt

Elizabeth's new t-shirt at the start of the day

Elizabeth's new t-shirt at the end of the day lol

Lots of things to entertain them till lunchtime, when Mum, Dad, my brother, Reddrick, and his partner, they live in Townsville, arrived for lunch. We had a feast, cold ham and turkey, roast lamb and beef, roast potatoes, new potatoes, carrot, corn, peas, gravy, potato salad and salad. Then pudding was pav, choc ripple cake, Christmas pudding, custard, raspberries and fresh fruit. Like I said a feast!!
Then, after lunch, we opened the pressys from under the tree. That took an age too!! Lots of lovely stuff! My pile contained, from memory, a big Freddo Frog from Elizabeth, Socks from Jessica, a Fifi Forget-me-not tin with lollies from Lucy and a Little Miss Neat figurine from Megan. From Dave I got a picnic bar, a box of Heaven chocolates, a mango, socks, bra and undies, a packet of BBQ samboy chips, a hairclip, Cole Mountain DVD, a bath pack which has lotions, a massaging pillow and a hair wrap, a scrapbook album and a hose nozzle squirty thingee (THANKS DAVE). From Daves Mum (HI GRANDMA!!) I got some, oh so lovely, Elizabeth Arden moisturiser (THANKS AGAIN!!), from my secret santa (thru an email group) I got some incense, drawer sachets and a diary (THANKS SECRET SANTA!), from Allison I got some yummmmmmmy ribbon and buttons (THANKS ALLISON, I had wanted those buttons for ages!) and I also scored some soap, vouchers, cash and chocies. I think thats it, what a lot of wonderful things!!! Spoilt!!!
The girls have loved everything!! I am sure tomorrow will be more of the same with Uncle Samuel and Louise coming to visit.
Elizabeth and I have colds, she with a runny nose and me, well I can't stop sneezing. Hoping that these tired girls have a big long sleep in in the morning! Night all, hope it was a fun day for you, it was for us!
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