Thursday, December 21, 2006

4 Sleeps to go

Well, I opened this post almost half an hour ago. We heard a siren outside and it was great to see the Fire Brigade were out and about giving the kids lollies and stickers. We didn't know if we would see that living here, in the suburbs lol, so the girls all woke up, Elizabeth with some help ;), and rushed out with smiles from ear to ear! So now they are back in bed having had a lolly each.
Bringing you up to date on the last 2 days, I walked Megan to school yesterday and came home declaring I was too hot! Then went back to school at lunchtime, with the car this time, and picked Megan up. We went and got some lunch, shopped for some Christmas presents then went to find a carpark.
Her Drs appointment went well, all the test results came back clear so we had to pickup some medicine that will soften her ummm stool (where on Earth did that word come from to describe poo??!!!) and hoping that might push out anything if it is blocking her up. If that doesn't work then we just wait and see if she grows out of it. So we had to wait an hour for the pharmacy to get her medicine so the long and the short is that we went to Scrapilicious to fill in time. Was lovely to catch up with Miss Mel and Bev was in there too, so it was nice to see both of them before the shop closes on Saturday.
Today we went out first thing to get some more pressys, groceries and fruit and veg. Dave has a little (hehehe) list of things to do tomorrow and then we are complete apart from some bits and pieces I need to get for Dave. Tomorrow I'm taking the girls to Allison's. She has invited us to join the Christmas party she is putting on for her day care kids, thanks again Allison, so the girls are looking forward to that.

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  1. Julie LOVE8:12 PM

    Hi Miss Sharmaine!!! I LOVE the santa photo...have fun at the party tomorrow

    I hope that you guys have THE BEST chrissy ever!!!! take care


  2. Lorraine5:05 PM

    love the photo although I am not sure that Lucy looks too impressed with Santa!!!
    Have a very very happy birthday tomorrow!!


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