Monday, December 18, 2006

7 Sleeps to go

Woo hoo!
Well the day started with a fire alarm, while I waited to talk with Megan's teacher. So we had fun waiting for the Firemen to come and put out a fire that started with a toaster blowing up!!
The rest of my morning was FULL of cleaning before Dave came home at lunchtime and informed us he was on holidays!YAY! He had gone to work and was granted his wish of having the rest of the week off, so roll on Christmas!
Both Megan and Jessica have had their school reports and both were pleasing. Much to be proud of :)
Tomorrow morning the school has their Christmas Church service so will be attending that and looking forward to seeing Megan and Jessica's classes perform some items. Tomorrow is Jessica's last day and Wednesday is Megan's. On Wednesday I have to pick Megan up at lunchtime to take her in for her Dr's appointment, hopefully with some answers. So it's not long till school holidays! YAY.
Dave finished his Christmas lights yesterday and Santa even came out of hibernation and is now sitting in the garden. Hope the photos are clear enough for you to see him.

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  1. Allison8:33 PM

    Love the impressed....shhh dont tell dave I said that

  2. Grandma8:43 PM

    Well you can tell David that I am also very impressed with the lights, thanks for sharing them with us, not long to go now


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