Saturday, December 16, 2006

9 Sleeps to go

It is getting exciting!!
Jessica had set her heart, or rather stomach, on pasta for tea last night, so we went to La Porchetta and she had her favorite gnocchi and we shared my small pizza. She yabbered the whole time and has made enough noise to fill the void of not having her 3 sisters around! We then went to see the play. They all did a wonderful job and it was very funny to watch. Any mistakes that were made seemed scripted and it was a fantastic night out. I didn't get any photos of Dave or Megan as the camera was reliably unreliable and the battery was flat when I pulled it out! Filmed a little of it, 1st tape ran out, as did the 2nd, before the play was finished. But hoping that work will do copies of their taping and we will get a copy. We got home around 10.30pm and we all went straight to bed!
went and picked up Elizabeth and Lucy this morning, they had a lovely time, and then came home for lunch. Lucy decided she didn't want to sleep so we packed the girls in the car and tortured them with some Christmas shopping! Finally have everything ready to post off, sadly I think the parcels to NT will be a little late but oh well!
Dave is outside fixing the globes that need replacing and finally putting up the last of the lights, so hope to have some photos of all the lights soon.
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  1. Sounds like it has been a jammed packed weekend so far!!! Glad the play went well. Hey you havent put a photo of Jessica up yet looking christmasy....that is my request for tomorrow!!!!


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