Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Happy Anniversary Us!!

Yes, today is our 9th wedding anniversary. We bought some noodle boxes for tea and have enjoyed them with the girls. Feeling a little tired now though, too much good food in my tum lol.
Took Elizabeth to the speech therapist this morning. She had lots of fun playing the talking games with the lady. The ST thought Elizabeth is mildly delayed in things like 'f' 's' and 'sh' sounds but was advanced in things like the 'l' sound. So the end result is we will be going to some group sessions as of April and continuing thru the rest of the year either one on one or in more group sessions and ending with a pre-kinder group at the end of 2007. So we will see how all of that progresses.
Spoke to Bron this arvo, twas really nice. She graduated from her Bible College course last Saturday and is back down this end of the state. Looking forward to catching up with her once things settle down for her, I don't things will ever settle down here lol. Things are getting busier by the day! Had an invite to a morning tea in the mail today. Is for all the volunteers at school for next week. So added that to the ca lander which is filling up daily!

Oops and forgot to add, don't tell him I forgot lol, Dave had his work soccer game today. He organised one last year and was such a success they did it again this year. Anyway Dave's team won for the second year in a row. Yay Dave, love ya ;)
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