Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Its been too warm today

Yes the washing got dry but it was a little too warm for me. Will be glad to see the cool change come thru!
Megan and Jessica were both in a special school assembly today. Their classes both did items and Jessica got to announce her class item. Elizabeth, Lucy and I didn't get there in time to see Jessica's but we saw Megan's. When we picked Megan up there were quite a few mums coming up and telling Jessica what a good job she did, so its nice to know she does have it in her. Megan is off at rehearsal with Dave tonight, she is very tired so we will see how she goes. The play is on next Friday night so they will be busy till then.
Tomorrow morning I have to take Elizabeth to the speech therapist. Told her that I would be taking her to a Dr, she asked "what for". I said "to hear you talk". She asked "what do I talk about" I replied "anything you want to". She then said that she would talk about her toe. I ran over it with the trolley at the fruit shop yesterday. So I look forward to hearing what her and the Dr have to say ;)
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