Saturday, December 30, 2006

Trains, bikes and a little car ride...

For Christmas we gave Lucy a Thomas the Tank Engine set, that we had stashed away since April when it was purchased in a Clearance Sale. Now all the girls have their own set and I look forward to the day when all 4 sets are up and running!! Anyway, today Dave set it up for the enjoyment of all! It has 2 levels and the top track runs through a tunnel in a giant Thomas.

Then a little later in the morning I went and did the grocery shopping. I found a pack that contained some rice paper so we had some rice paper rolls for lunch and they were very yummy! I also got so Yum Cha bits and pieces for our New Years Eve tea before our "Night Night", where the girls get to stay up later and eat pop corn and lollies and watch a movie, plays some games etc. Also bought some rice vinegar and we will give some sushi making a go through the school holidays.

It has been a warmer day today so after Lucy's sleep we took the girls and their bikes, in an attempt to get Jessica to ride one without training wheels, which she can do but refuses to pedal when she can just free-wheel. We went up to the 'grassy spot' and while Megan and Jessica rode the other 2 just ran about. All the girls had turns riding, to some degree, and even Dave jumped on Megan's, to squeals of delight!

At the moment Megan is playing her new Playsation game. Dave just turned it on and away she went, when did she get so grown up and learn stuff like that!!!!
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  1. Grandma1:30 PM

    thank you for sharing in all the wonderful activities of your day. Love all the photos and can imagine the fun that everyone gets with the train sets. Have a fun "night night" and a Happy New Year to you all

  2. Allison7:36 PM

    love the train very nice.....or is that noice!!!


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