Sunday, December 31, 2006

Hungry Hungry Hippos

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! Hope you see in the new year safely and may your 2007 be filled to the brim with excitement and all things smiley!
We had a lovely Yum Cha style tea, too much food for our bellys, so pudding wasn't till a few hours later. Lots of time to fill in with games and general mucking about!

We tried to get the girls to have a nap today, but the only person who slept was... wait for it... drum roll please.... Dave!!!! Not one of the girls slept, typical isn't it!!! Anyway I got to crawl in to bed a little later and took my nap after they were all up and running about with Dave. Elizabeth and Lucy went to bed around 8 and Megan and Jessica went after the first lot of fireworks on the telly. They enjoyed their night up, even though we didn't have popcorn because of the huge tea we ate! So now Dave and I are just awaiting the new year to start and then we will be off to bedie byes!!

So from My Family to Yours, us and our lot to you and your lot, I hope you all have a safe and wonderful 2007 and thanks for visiting my lil' ol' blog in 2006 and hope to see you again as I put down my thougths, ideas and humdrum of our household.
Take care, hugs and all that jazz :)
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