Monday, January 22, 2007

3/4 here

Jessica has stayed over at Mum and Dad's and we will go back on Wednesday to get her. Been a busy day, washing, picking apricots that are splitting because of the rain and humidity, cleaning and then I went to Mum and Dads. Had lunch there and then we went to visit Allison for a little bit before coming home. They are all a little zonked and it is quiet already.
Last night I did this layout of Jessica before I packed up my scrap stuff to nuggle and watch the end of the cricket. Didn't know what else to add to it but love it just as it is. Still waiting for Allison to set Challenge #8 but Megan and I are going to do some scrapping tomorrow night, she has been asking all School holidays.
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  1. allison8:03 PM

    Love this layout. the photo of Jessica is lovely

  2. Angela Christian8:48 PM

    Hi Sharmaine,

    I was checking out Mel's blog and read you were doing challenges with her so I had to check out your Lo's (hope you don't mind). I think your LO's are so beautiful, as are your daughters:0)


  3. Mel Goodsell3:00 PM

    Yes that is a very cute photo of Jessica and it's a really eye catching layout Sharmaine. I can't believe how much you've been scrapping lately, awesome!


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