Sunday, January 21, 2007

While the cat(s) are away...

What busy people we have been! I thought I would start this now, about to go have tea, as it's going to take quite awhile to load all the photos!
Yesterday we dropped the girls off at Mum and Dad's and headed in to town. We were hoping to go to the movies but the one we wanted to see was cancelled, they had broken it or something, so after a walk around and a little shopping at Spotlight we ended up here for tea and oh my goodness the food was yum-diddly-scrumptous! I had the Bali Duck and Dave had the chicken breast, yummmmmm.
Came home and watched a DVD we had borrowed from Mum and Dad 'Kenny'. Can see why he won awards, so genuine! Love how they dropped morals or helpful 'life skills' into the movie, oh so subtle.
This morning I was woken, at 8am, by a pigeon cooing somewhere outside and then the LOUD sound of rain. We had more rain this afternoon as part of a very LOUD thunderstorm, but its great having the rain, it has been way too muggy! Dave got up made a coffee and we drank that while watching 'Weekend Sunrise' (didn't even know Sunrise was on on the weekend!). Did some time on the exercise bike then had a shower. By the time I was dressed Dave had set the tressel table up. So after some brekky I started scrapping. Mel had set a new challenge, to use 4 or more photos, so I made a start. I had started 2 by the time it was lunchtime. Dave and I went down to the shopping centre, had some lunch, did some shopping, got some steak for tea, some CDs and a pressy each for the girls (a t-shirt each for Elizabeth and Lucy, a t-shirt/skirt set for Megan and some needed socks for Jessica) and a pair of sandle/thong things for me ($10!!). Came home and started scrapping again. Dave has been playing computer games all day, a game he has had for ages and pulled out again (reading the manuels this time!).
So we all finished the challenge Mel set and it was my turn to set the new one, to use 'The story about...' as the start of our title or journal. I finished that one before starting tea, which we have just had in front of the cricket on telly. I am thankful that I have been able to have all my scrap stuff out and just flow from one layout to another, while being inspired for the next. I did 2 for Mel's 4 or more challenge and I have included closer photos so you can see the dimensional paint I got at Spotlight, have wanted some for awhile and it's been fun seeing how it works and I look forward to using it again. Don't forget to go have a squizz at the layouts Mel and Allison have done for the challenges, divine! So here, without any more of my babble, are my layouts, Love Notes from my Man, Hungry Hungry Hippos and The story about our bed.

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  1. allison7:55 PM

    You know I loooovveee these....they are just divine. just realised that i need to come up with a new challange!!! eeccckkkkk
    Well first i need to finish challange 7 lol


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