Sunday, January 14, 2007

And a sunny Sunday

Bit more nuggling today, just had to add that for Grandma who thinks we are cute, or at least that is what I am told you thought!
Our day.... Vegging with the cricket, picking some apricots, a spot of gardening and the usual mucking about. Will leave you with photos of the 4 kidlets doing what they do :) Jessica just being herself and giving a wonderful photo as usual, Elizabeth running away from the camera laughing while Dave tries to hold her back, Lucy sooking that the camera is out AGAIN and Megan chilling with a beloved Asterix book.

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  1. Grandma9:15 PM

    So glad you had some more nuggles!!
    Love all the photos, Megan must be like her father as I remember that he also loved Asterix, is this one of his old books?

  2. it certainly is one of my old books!!!

    Nuggles? I dont remember being nuggled... I remember being mauled at some stage...

  3. Allison6:32 PM

    You wish Dave...hee heee


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