Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sunny Saturday

Been a busy kind of day but have had time for a few nuggles with Dave :)
Lastnight I completed this layout. Is the first containing a photo of me, if you don't count the one I did of my shoes, it's about how I need to just do things. I'm hoping its a motivation to just get on and scrap, but it doesn't feel like its worked lol. Dave has always said I should 'just do it' so the layout is a reminder that I can just do it if I get on and do it.

This morning the girls were up at 6.15am Dave got up with them and I was naughty and rolled over and went back to sleep! Once I was up we both had turns on the exercise bike and I was very proud of myself, and thankful to Dave for giving me the time to do it, I did over 15 minutes on the bike. First time I have, usually I just fit in a few 5 minute rides, but because I was given the space I could do more, yay me!!
After I was dressed etc Allison arrived with Mel, Fi and Fi's daughter Sam. We went out to a scrap shop about 10-15 mins away from here. They all got some goodies while I did my sooky thing, there wasn't anything I liked, and just spent $4 on some cardstock.
The rest of the day was spent lounging around home before going to Mum and Dad's for tea with my sister and niece. We all enjoyed ourselves and it was good to see them both. Makayla hasn't changed much just got taller, her and Lucy are 6 months apart and enjoyed walking around together. Found out that my sister is engaged and expecting baby no.2 around June. So lots to look forward to.
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  1. oi oi, they are SO not granny cardi buttons, lol.

    I've done two layouts tonight with those beautiful stunning amazing cool

    Hey I LOVE your just do it layout, it is very cool Sharmaine,


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