Thursday, January 25, 2007

Feeling like Friday NOW!!

Yes it does, so glad for the long weekend and thankful the day is done ;)
So what's happened today:
*picked more apricots
*froze more apricots
*stewed more apricots
*ate some apricot jam
*the girls played together heaps today, sometimes good and sometimes not so
*Allison came to visit with 2 kids
*Allison got me a copy of 'Creating Keepsakes', Thanks Allison!
*Allison left, was great to have you visit and although the time was ummmm interesting it was nice to have visitors!
*Devilled sausages for tea
*Dave invented the 'sausage duck' and asked Elizabeth and Lucy to find it, sadly the experession has lasted all day and I have no doubt is going to stick!
*nothing else I can think of!

Tomorrow arvo I am off to Mel's for a scrap with her and Allison. Looking forward to it! Allison has set the next challenge and I am not looking forward to that, but have a few ideas, so hoping to get it out of the way quickly!!
Talk to you all Saturday, Happy Australia day to all, may it be a safe and fun day :)
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  1. allison6:52 PM

    yes our visit was umm........interesting lol......thanks for putting up with us for as long as you did. Hope you enjoy reading your CK

  2. Julie LOVE11:16 AM

    Oh I LOVE apricots...I better come over and have some as it seems you have HEAPS LOL!!! sounds like you are keeping very busy at the moment



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